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A family made up of men and women, girls and boys who know we don’t have it all together – far from it! 
 We are a family in need of forgiveness, hope, healing, ongoing peace and comfort. 
 We have found, and are finding these things in Jesus. 


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John 6:60-71

Dan McElderry / September 25, 2022

IJM Freedom Sunday 2022

Colin Ross / September 18, 2022

John 6:22-59

Colin Deddis / September 11, 2022


Directions by car can be found by selecting the “Directions” link  in the map.


Hillview is located next to the primary school in Cults, a suburb approximately 5 miles from the centre of Aberdeen.


If you are travelling by bus, take a No.19 and ask to get off at quarry road, from there the church is about 10 minutes walk.