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Hillview church membership

Miscellaneous Series
August 23, 2015

Martin Clarke shared with us today on the blessings of membership, using the Hillview membership covenant which is reproduced below:

Church Membership Covenant
Trusting in Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord, we affirm the following covenant relationship with our Father in heaven and our brothers and sisters in Christ. With the Holy Spirit’s enabling we will…
We will make it a priority to gather together. This goes deeper than just Sundays. We’ll endeavour to open our lives and be available to each other.
We will embrace the privilege of bringing our prayers – individually and together – before our Father in heaven, in the knowledge that He only gives good gifts to His children.
We will love one another, weeping with those who weep and rejoicing with those who rejoice. We will put others’ needs before our own.
God has given us so much, so we will be generous people. With time, with abilities, with finance; we will give to God through the life of this local church.
God has given each of us a unique role to play in His church. We will seek to find out what that is, and will join in His work with joy and gratitude.
We will submit to God and the Scriptures. As the elders to likewise, we will respect their leadership. As brothers and sisters, we will submit to one another in love.

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