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As a church, we want to have a big vision of how God can use us. All for His glory.

For more information on any of the below, listen to the sermons from our “Hillwho?” series, preached in Autumn 2012.

We see a church that is Biblical

We will teach the Bible with integrity, passion and humility. It will be our guide in everything we do. We will love the Scriptures, finding different ways for all different ages to understand the glorious depths of God’s Word.

We see a church of authentic worshippers

We will declare the greatness of God. We will not be lukewarm in our praise. We will sing passionately, pray earnestly, listen attentively and surrender ourselves regularly. Worship will be a 24/7 reality. We will look forward to Sunday gatherings with great joy and expectation.

We see a church that tells people about Jesus

We will embrace God’s heart to reach this lost and broken world. We will be unashamed of the gospel. We will find ways to share the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection. We will encourage our friends and family to respond to Jesus’ offer of new life in Him. We will enable others as they take this good news to all nations around the earth.

We see a church that embodies Jesus’ love

We will love the local communities of Cults and Bieldside; Kintore and the surrounding area, and will seek their good. We will be a place of hope, restoration and life. As we scatter, we will be known as a people who extend love, hospitality and care. We will find ways to serve the poor and those most in need in Aberdeen/shire, and around the world.

We see a church that is honest and relevant

We will be authentic. We will acknowledge the joys and pains of life, and will seek God’s presence and purposes therein. We will not sugar-coat the reality of sin in the world and in our lives. We will confront hard issues, acknowledging that, though we don’t know all the answers, God is in control.

We see a church that is a loving family, connected in small groups

We will be men and women and boys and girls who care for each other. Every member will be part of a small group where we love, encourage and help one another. We will weep when others weep, and rejoice when others rejoice. We will be more concerned about our brothers and sisters than ourselves.

We see a church that plants other churches

We will make church planting a key strategy in how we reach out with the love and good news of Jesus. We will raise up new leaders. We will plant churches who themselves will plant churches. We will gladly accept and adapt to the resulting challenges in our sending churches. We will support those who are building the Church around the world.

We see a church that is expectant

We will never settle down in material affluence or comfort. Rather, we will be active in furthering God’s work through this church. We will never give up. We will not see Christian service as a chore. Mindful of God’s past faithfulness, we will move forward with renewed expectation.

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