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Hillview Community Church came into being as a replant of International Baptist Church over the first weekend of September 2011. Here briefly, is our story. 

In January 1978 International Baptist Church (IBC) was formed. At that time large numbers of American expatriates were in Aberdeen helping to kick off the burgeoning oil industry, and IBC provided this community with a place to worship, serve and grow. The gathered, mainly expatriate congregation, thrived and grew.

The growing church looked for a place to establish itself. Land all-round Aberdeen was considered, but planning permission proved difficult. The story of how the church was given the public land on which the building stands in Cults by Aberdeen City Council on a 99-year lease is a remarkable story of Godʼs work and provision.

The church building opened in 1984. Under the leadership of Rev Bill Slack, IBC continued to expand well into the ‘90s and invested significant resources in further building facilities.

Bill Slack moved on to the leadership of the Baptist Union of Scotland in 1995. Afterwards, the church went through an unsettled period; coinciding with a time of transition in the local oil industry as it radically reduced its dependence on American expatriates.

In 2004 the church called Rev Andy Hayes as Pastor. The church sought to renew vision and ministry but continued to be affected by changing times. Though the congregation was maintained and there were many encouragements; the church found it difficult to settle on a united vision and felt a growing sense of vulnerability.

At the beginning of 2011, the church leaders sought to address these issues by exploring the possibility of replanting the church. In June the members agreed to give thanks to God for 33 years of IBC’s ministry and replant the church focussing the ministry on the local community of Aberdeen; with Martin Clarke serving as Lead Pastor and Andy Hayes as Outreach & Family Pastor.

In replanting, significant changes were made in leadership, structure, membership, constitution, and ministry focus with the vision and values of the replanted church geared towards mission and growing disciples; leading in the grace of God, to further church plants in the coming years. Thus Hillview Community Church was born and looks to the future confident in the leading of the Lord.

Hillview Community Church is part of the Baptist Union of Scotland family of churches. 

For some more information, view the Replant Proposal document which formed the basis of how Hillview was to begin its journey in September 2011.