Church Weekend Away

In 2016 we had our first Church Weekend Away to Abernethy, Nethy Bridge. This was a very special time, enabling us to leave the busy-ness of our lives behind, and set our focus on God. Liam Byrnes, accompanied by his wife Rachel, was our guest speaker, which was very special given our link with their work in South Africa. It was evident that God was using him to speak to us in a mighty way, resulting in three baptisms in the centre’s swimming pool.

In 2018 we returned to Abernethy, Nethy Bridge for our second Church Weekend Away. Our speaker this time was Harlie Raethel, accompanied by his wife Liz, from Texas. We were blessed to be able to build on our connection with him, and an already established link to our church through the Holiday Bible Club 2017.

The three sessions from the 2018 Church Weekend away are avaiavle to listen to below.

Session 1

Harlie Raethel

Session 2

Harlie Raethel

Session 3

Harlie Raethel